L'Institut Américain d'Anglais Témara est une institution d'enseignement de langue ANGLAISE. Notre objectif est d'offrir des cours d'Anglais de qualité à l'ensemble de la population de Témara / Rabat et ses régions. Ainsi, Préparation et Formation Concours Linguistiques et Tests internationaux : TOEFL et TOEIC (TOEIC Authorized Test Center).

Nos enseignants, Marocains, Britanniques et Américains sont diplômés des universités Marocaines, Britanniques ou Américaines et ont une expérience prouvée dans l'enseignement de l’Anglais comme langue étrangère.

Programmes Kids & Teens de American Language Institute Temara. La manière pour les enfants et les adolescents d’apprendre l’Anglais comme Langue Étrangère avec plaisir et efficacement.

We are glad to announce that American Language Institute Temara in Morocco has become the ONLY representative of London Teacher Training College ‘LTTC’ , London, England. For your TEFL and TESOL classes, please contact American Language Institute Temara, Morocco.

The London Teacher Training College offers a wide range of programmes that are available both by distance learning or taught in the classroom.

For those who require distance mode, course materials are available as downloads or can be posted out in booklet format or on a CD or memory stick.

Those who prefer to attend a classroom based course can choose from a range of weekend, or part time or full time courses held a numerous locations including Central London, Lausanne, Cyprus, Slovakia, Singapore, Malaysia etc

Our courses are internationally recognised and we are fully, externally accredited meeting the British Council's recommendations.

London Teacher Training College has more than forty partner schools worldwide that either teach or promote our courses. Accordingly we staff our administration seven days a week 365 days of the year

If you send in a piece of work to be graded or have a question or query your person tutor will always respond within a matter of hours, not days

LTTC (London Teacher Training College) courses:

• The TESOL Taster
• Certificate in TEFL 60 hour program
• Certificate in TEFL 120 hour program
• Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners and Teenagers
• The Diploma in TESOL
• Diploma in Teaching Business English

The London Teacher Training College also teaches the M.A.TESOL program on behalf of St Clement’s University

For those interested in CPD Continuing Professional Development or a refresher course we have a number of short certified programs including:

• Certificate in Teaching IELTS
• Certificate in Teaching Pronunciation
• Certificate in Teaching Vocabulary
• Certificate in the Application of Complementary Therapy Techniques in the Classroom

These are highly practical in format and full of ready to use ideas and activities

We appoint a personal tutor to teach student. Tutors can be contacted by e mail, telephone, fax, conventional mail or by using the live chat facility on the London Teacher Training College web site.

Your personal tutor provides guidance and feedback throughout your studies. In additional to their course materials students receive an extensive resource pack containing lots of ready to use lesson plans, resource materials, teaching tips and useful addresses, etc.

All students on a full course also receive access to video clips so they can observe experienced teachers working in a range of classroom settings.

As an educational institution, London Teacher Training College's purpose is to offer high quality courses at affordable fees with the highest level of customer care and service.